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    Changing a topic title

      I am trying to change an upper case 'A" to a lower case 'a' in a topic title and file name. I was able to change two topics and save them, but two others in the same project will not save the changes. I have removed all of the links to the topics. What could be the problem?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          A good old classic this one.

          You cannot change just the case. Add any character somewhere in the name and save that. Now go back and remove that character and change the case of the other one.

          The only wrinkle is if the topic title and file name are one word, then the two have to be the same case so you cannot have Help as the title and help.htm. There are ways to trick RH and make it look like that has worked. Trust me that you will find a problem later on. The easy solution is to use a file name with a variation like help_topic.htm. I think this might apply to anything where the title and file name are the same but if you set RH up to have underscores instead of spaces, that gets around the problem.

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            kay_stewart Level 1
            Thanks Peter. You are right; it was only word. I made the change as you suggested, and it worked.