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    Trying to animate in AE when my audio to animate to is in Premiere

    c-fqgy Level 1


      I'm working on a video project that all the various parts (animated areas from AE, audio from Audition) are layed out in Premiere. Which is what everything I've found says to do. One task though that is killing me a bit in this workflow is animating a bulleted list to the audio. The audio is layed out in Premiere but the animation of the bullets is in AE so tweaking when a bullet should appear is a bit painful. I guess at the timing in AE, go to Premiere - nope not right, back to AE, tweak teak - back to Premiere, ok it's closer but not right on so back I go. Please say there a better way!? And no funny's about using PowerPoint



      I've thought about bringing the audio into AE but you can't hear it unless your previewing and I don't want to loose my audio layout in Premiere. Is there anyways to score in Premiere and import the score to AE???



      Any direction would be greatly appreshated!!!