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    Video playback issue for Adobe Presenter 9 when publishing to Adobe Connect Pro 7




      I am having an issue with video playback for Adobe Presenter 9. When I preview the presentation on my computer there are no issues with any of the MP4 videos that I have loaded into my presentations. However, when I publish the presentation to Adobe Connect and access the URL the videos are either delayed or do not appear at all.  We are using our own Adobe server which we purchased in 2008, along with Adobe Connect Pro 7. We recently updated our Adobe Presenter software to version 9. Is there an incompatibility issue between Adobe Presenter 9 and our current Adobe Server/current version of Adobe Connect? Or do I need to do something different in Adobe Presenter when importing the videos?  Note: I have tried FLV videos and had the same issue.


      We are trying to launch of series of webinars (each webinar has between 15-42 slides), which was the whole purpose of updating our Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate software....hopefully we can resolve this video issue.