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    Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Panel Issues


      First, let me say that I've been an Adobe user for more than 18 years.


      A while back (about two weeks ago) I went as usual to launch the little Adobe Creative Cloud desktop panel that shows what's installed, updated, available apps and available updates. Instead of it launching as normally, I was told that I had to LOG IN.  I'm pretty sure I did just that with my Adobe user name and pwd, but suddenly found myself no longer within the little app management panel, but instead on a screen that told me I could drag and drop files into the cloud there. I did not want to drag and drop any files at all! What I wanted was to use my CC desktop apps management panel so I could INSTALL Dreamweaver CC using the CC desktop apps management panel.


      So I dismissed (exited out of) that "drag your files to here" screen. And now every time I launch the desktop panel, it asks me to log in, and every time I try, it comes back with "You've been signed out / Please sign in to continue." 


      I have been around that loop of changing the password several times over now, with no change to the behavior of the CC desktop apps management panel.  I simply CANNOT log in there any more ... What's perplexing is that I never HAD to log in to it before, either!  I had been using it for MONTHS since I first installed Adobe CC, and it showed me my apps list and available updates and all that just fine for quite a while, but now it has its head stuck in a corner.


      Now when I launch it, I cannot get the panel to display my apps list as it should, but instead it keeps asking me to log in.  I have "changed the password" multiple times now.


      Thing is, I can log in with that same user id and pwd to my CC account online through the Adobe web site, but the little desktop apps management panel is no longer usable.


      Can/should I uninstall and reinstall the apps management panel?  Can I do that with the management panel ALONE and NOT cause problems with the CC programs that I DO have installed already (such as Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Photoshop CC?)


      And why does Adobe support keep closing my case at the same time that I'm pleading with them to HELP me resolve this problem?


      Should I simply uninstall the desktop apps management panel and forget about trying to use that and instead control all my CC apps directly from my account via the Adobe website instead?  CAN I do this?


      Two weeks now and still not resolved.