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    Favorite Blu-ray device?


      I just moved from Elements 10/XP to 12/Win 8.1. My Optiarc BD5300s did work fine.  Can not make it work with 12, and I do not see it on the supported device list.  Is there a favorite Blu-ray device in use by a majority of 12 users before I just go out and pick one.

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          The favorite Blu-ray burner is the one that works for you. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict ahead of time which one will.


          The two major hangups are, in the burn dialog of some or all DVD AVCHD Blu-ray choices

          a. Burner Location:  and burner not recognized


          b. Status: Media Not Present


          I have been using an LG BH-12 for a few years for the last several versions of Premiere Elements and have had no problems. Others with later models have run into an assortment of Burner Location and Status problems, not always solvable except by using another burner.


          Best advise...make sure you can return the Blu-ray burner purchase if the BLu-ray burner cannot be made to work for you.


          Document such as the following may be of limited to use to you.



          Please update us on your progress.