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    Framescript: search and replace condition name in a bunch of mif files

    rombanks Level 1

      Hello fellows,


      I would like to loop through all mif files listed in a book, and search/replace specific condition names with other ones.

      This can be done in each FM file as follows:


      Sub ProcessDoc

        Loop ForEach(CondFmt) In(vCurrentDoc) LoopVar(vCondFmt)

          If vCondFmt.Name = (vCurrentName)

            Set vCondFmt.Name = (vFutureName);






      The question is what would be the code in case of mif files. Conditions are defined in mif files as follows:



          <InCondition `SampleCond'>

          <InCondition `SampleCond'>

         > # end of Conditional


      Thank you for your input in advance!