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    PDF Review: TOC topics only, not bookmarks?

    claud2134 Level 1

      RH11, Create a Review PDF


      When - and however - I create a review PDF,  the TOC subtopic links (for example, the head 2s) don't reliably go to the subheads. They often just go to the topic title. (The subtopic links work fine in the Help file.)


      That is the main problem, but maybe you know a workaround to achieve what I actually want to do, to create a toc of bookmarks that link to specific content to identify bug fixes. Nothing I've tried lets you click a subtopic and go to the heading, paragraph, table, or anything except the topic title. The bug fix specifics are the desired review content, not the whole topic. I could highlight the bug fix and have the reviewer scroll down, but that kind of defeats the purpose.


      So for example, this is the desired toc:


      Book A:

      bug fix 1 (table)

      bug fix 2 (bullet)


      Book B:

      bug fix 3 (paragraph)

      bug fix 4 (subtopic)


      I've tried switching webhelp/chm outputs to see if review pdfs differ between them. (no). In the Create PDF for review dialog box, have tried all options.


      Thank you