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    How do I get rid of the compromising software that Adobe sneakily installed on my browsers?


      I am disgusted with Software companies like Adobe that treat their users with disrespect and contempt. They feel that they have the right to just download whatever they want and install it without anyone's approval.


      Downloading Flash was an absolute joke.  First Adobe shoves 1 useless piece of crap software in your face after the other and they keep popping up a window to install driver software. If you decline each one, then they do not download the Flash player. Worse, they just go ahead and install their crap in your browsers despite the declines.


      And Shame on you Adobe. Are you that desperate that you have to try and force-feed other software to your users? Makes me sorry that I ever purchased your CS suite.


      Does anyone know how to get Adobe's crap unwanted software off my windows computer running XP?