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    Sprite and button state support are essential

    AlanGilbertson Level 1

      Looking to the future (and you probably have something planned), items like sprites and button states are absolutely essential for a productive PSD > HTML workflow.


      Photoshop's never been an ideal web design tool, other than for rough mockups, mainly because of that important missing functionality. Being able to identify and extract button states in some way becomes pretty important as a differentiator for Parfait, I think, because it would eliminate one of the real pain points of a Photoshop > Web workflow.

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          joan_lafferty Adobe Employee

          Thanks, AlanGilbertson. This is definitely something our organization has been thinking about helping to solve.

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            AlanGilbertson Level 1

            Actually, sprites are problematic for any Photoshop workflow at present, other than creating them as separate files. Absent an unlinked layer mask and setting layer comps for each state (and even that is a poor substitute), there's just no way to represent them in a page mockup. Button states using individual layer groups or changing layer styles are doable in a page mockup, but one has to accept the inefficiency of multiple image files at load time.


            I have only once used a Ps mockup to create a site, and only because the client provided their preferred design as a set of page-jpegs and a PSD, but all I used of those files was a header image and their text. I built everything else directly in the Dreamweaver code editor because it was so much faster. A button that's just text with a border around the <a> tag and uses changing text and background colors for the hover, active and visited states is a few seconds work building the class in CSS. Even with a background sprite rather than a color change, it's pretty trivial.


            So I appreciate that none of this is non-trivial to implement.

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              Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee

              Hi AlanGilbertson,

              in which form do you receive your mockups ussually?

              Thanks, Corrinna

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                divyamanian Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Alan!


                I am actually looking at investigating something around this area. Could you email me manian@adobe.com so we could find out how you use interactivity for your workflows so we can understand it better? Thanks!

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                  AlanGilbertson Level 1

                  Corrinna, usually I'm doing my own mockups, and I generally prefer to create directly in Dreamweaver or Edge Code, even though I'm not really a coder by trade.


                  If I have to do a mockup, I'll use whatever tool seems appropriate based on the way the design is likely to go. That can mean InDesign, even Muse, but almost never Photoshop because it's so clumsy as a layout tool. Simple things like changing the crop on an image inside a layout that take a second or two in InDesign are tedious in Ps. So for speed, I avoid Ps for page mockups and use it only for image prep, multi-state buttons and sprite sheets (not always sprite sheets, either, because that's another action that's faster in Ai or Id).


                  These days I'm leaning more toward a combination of Edge Animate and Muse for wireframing and "working model" mockups, because we just don't do many static sites anymore.