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    Adobe Elements 7


      I dont have the money to upgrade and thats out the question. I spent almost 200 on this product 5 years ago. My serial number that i have isnt working. Theres a red x where i think is supposed to be a green check mark. Adobe tells me that its old and theres no way to activate it but then at the end they tell me to talk to you guys so here I am. I just hope that I didnt piss that money away on something that at the time didnt know that it will stop working later in the future. I also have age of empires remember that game. Love it and still play it. 12 year old game and it still works and heres a 5 year old software that wont...I just dont get it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The question becomes "Are you sure that you have the right serial number?" 


          If you registered Premiere Elements 7, I would expect your product and its serial number should be listed at http://www.adobe.com and "My Products" at the top right of the page, probably where it shows Welcome and your ID once you sign in.


          Given you have the correct serial number, have you

          a. turned off your antivirus and firewalls?

          b. have you tried several times to enter the serial number?


          Are you working with the Internet on?


          Please check out the above and then let us know the outcome.





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            Dontcare Level 1

            ...Yes to everything above. same outcome.

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              Dontcare Level 1

              when i showed adobe the serial number on my account they tell me the activation servers are down...not sure whats going on with it.

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                Thanks for the reply.


                Did Adobe imply that the Activation Servers were down for everyone, version 7 through 12, or just for your case?


                I have been having a terrible time activating version 12 after I deactivated it for some troubleshooting. Now your comment makes me wonder what is going on with Adobe and product activation.


                I will try to get more information in the morning. Adobe is the only one who can activate its software. There is no troubleshooting that a user to user community such as this can do with those types of matter.


                More later.