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    Render trouble


      Well i have a really time consuming issue. I'm trying to currently render a project which has taken me atleast two days to do so. And is very annoying. the project literarly has 10 particles and a backround and has one effect only, (CC particle world). it glides through very smoothly at the start and when it gets to the end it renders about 1 frame every 20 seconds and theres about 10000 frames from what i know.   Sorry if the image is too small I'm not realy sure if theres a way to zoom into images here since i'm new, thanks






      My Main System Specs:


      4GB DDR3


      INTEL Core i3


      INTEL graphics 4000

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what exactly? 10000 frames for a single shot is a lot and your system isn't particularly beefy. You simply bring it to its edge by exhausting all resources. Really not sure what magic button you are looking for.



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            gordonzinga Level 1

            But i've rendered projects as big as this before and it's rendered much faster.. so it's not got to do with my resources and besides, a large percentage of my resources are free when it's rendering.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Then you need to explain in more detail what settings you used, what the comp actually contains and so on. Your initial post isn't particulalrly descriptive and even a single effect could be causing such a behavior. Perhaps your CC Particles simply accumulate and while there may be only ten visible ones, there could actualyl be hundreds or thousands need to be calculated for every frame...