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    Why do these black letter box borders appear?



      Hi, I created a stop motion AVI file which I imported into Sony Vegas and then exported into PhotoShop. When I export from Sony Vegas into photo shop, thses black letter box edges appear on the video file, as seen on the lefthand image.


      If anyone could tell me what they are and how to get rid of them, I'd be very grateful.




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          You know you're posting in the forum for FrameMaker publishing software,

          right, not a Photoshop or video forum? To it's not really the right



          That said, it looks to me as if your image is a 4x3 aspect ratio video set

          into a 16x9 canvas -- the black boxes are the dead area in which you don't

          have an image. To fix it, correct the size of the canvas or frame size to

          match the video images.


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