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      Hi all,

      I am fairly well versed in Cf but by no means an expert.

      I am writing an App that requires user registration / payment. I have 5 steps:
      1. Choose Member Type
      2. Create Account
      3. Payment
      4. Receipt
      5. Member CP

      Currently I use #step# as my counter. (have tried both session.step and cookie.step)


      <cfform action="register.cfm">
      + Hidden inputs to pass vars


      <cfif IsDefined('form.step')>
      <cfswitch expression="#session.step#">
      <cfcase value="step_1">
      <cfset template = "/register/step_1.cfm">
      <cfcase value="v_step_1">
      <cfset template = "/register/v_step_1.cfm">


      I am using <cflocation> after each step is validated (v_) to prevent browser refresh and duplicate DB entries.
      I am running into difficulties with using session.step and cookie.step

      session.step = No expiry and therfore going back creates a problem as the <cfswitch moves the user automatically back to where they left off. (I also use sessions to track user login)

      cookie.step = not updating before the <cflocation and thus the same step is repeated over and over

      I would like to avoid using url.step

      Looking for some suggestions / help / other way of doing it


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          Steve Sommers Level 4
          I'm not sure you really need session or cookie step. I use similar logic but instead use a hidden form field "step". Another trick I use is a hidden form field "uuid" that is set to a matching value in my session scope. This way, if they do not agree I reset the entire process to the beginning. This prevents the "No expiry" problem you mentioned that can sometimes be duplicated with bookmarks or using the browser history to jump around.