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    Best Good Price XP Replacement



      My Dell computer which ran Windows XP has finally given up the ghost on me and died.  Perhaps this is not a bad thing considering that Microsoft are nomlonger supporting XP!

      My question is that I would like to find out from the group the best, tough reasonably priced, desktop computerto replace it.

      I intend using it for still image editing, together with Microsoft programme and Dreamweaver.  I do not intend to play any games or over-clocking it.

      Thanks in advance.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not know if more machine is required for CC then CS6.  Also CS6 suite require more then what Photoshop needs for applications like premier pro and after effects. Here is what I saw recommended for CS6 I was also lucky and picked up a referbished dell t5600 for $2k and added $500 more for 32GBB more ram and a 4TB external USB3 drrive.



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            New listing on ebay

            http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Precision-T5600-Intel-Xeon-Dual-Six-Core-E5-2620-2-0GHz-64GB- RAM-1TB-SSD-/191152473900?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item2c8193472c


            This is my home computer DELL Precision 5600, purchased from DELL outlet, it was manufacturer refurbished, it is fully loaded, got 4 disks SSD each 256GB, Dual Xeon CPU, 64GB RAM, very clean, used only for lab purpose and from time to time.Purchased with $2,754, I am open to best open.
            • Ship date: 10/4/2013
            • Warranty end date: 10/5/2016
            • Service Tag: 4G369Y1
            - Computer will be in original DELL box, with original keyboard and mouse.


            Item Description:
            -- Dell Outlet Precision Fixed Workstation T5600, 635W Tower Windows 7 Professional
            -- 256 GB Solid State Drive
            -- 256 GB Solid State Drive
            -- 256 GB Solid State Drive
            -- 256 GB Solid State Drive
            -- Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit Operating System DVD
            -- 8X DVD +/- RW Optical Drive
            -- 64GB DDR3 RDIMM 1600MHz ,ECC,4x16GB
            -- Tower
            -- 2GB NVIDIA Quadro 4000, Dual Monitor, 2DP & 1DVI
            -- RAID controller H700p
            -- Processor: Intel Xeon Dual Six Core E5-2620 Processor (2.0GHz, 15M, 7.2 GT/s,Turbo)
            -- PR  T5600 : 3 Year Basic Hardware Service with 3 Year NBD Limited Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis (Included in Price)
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              Mike M Level 6

              If it doesn't absolutely have to be a Windows system, you can get a Mac Mini for $599, use it with your existing mouse and Monitor and keyboard (although I'd recommend an Apple keyboard, but you can use a PC keyboard with a Mac).

              For $130 you can bump it up to 16Gb of RAM, and for another $150 you can add a 2Tb external hard drive. It'll run CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC (Photoshop and Dreamweaver), and... you can run Windows on it as well, for the apps that HAVE TO HAVE Windows. It's like getting 2 good, new computers for less than a grand. But you have to be willing to learn OS X, which isn't so tough.