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    Warp Stabilizer failure?

    Uwe 12345

      I did images Warp stabilzer for my Time Lapse a few times without problem. Today I put around 160 images into a new project. Try analyse with Warp Stabilizer, and found out my program Ae CS6 was analysing over 9,000 images and will take 230 minutes to finish. So obviously something wrong with this, Can some one give me a tips.


      CPU Intel i7

      enough RAM

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          Uwe 12345 Level 1

          It seems OK now when I tried a smaller number of frames. See how it goes. Wonder why no one can answer this question.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            First of all, this is a forum where people help out in their spare time. It's a forum - not a chatroom. You may have to wait more than an hour and a half for a response. Plus, your first post was around 6 in the morning for me.

            Second, it is somewhat difficult to figure out what you are saying.

            Third, CS6, and i7 and "enough RAM" is not useful information. HOW much RAM? What's the clock speed of the processor? What exact version number of CS6?


            We need to know all of the info listed here before anyone can really start trying to help.

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