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    Month-to-month paid 1 yr plan to prepaid 1 yr: old subscription terminated?




      I have subscribed to monthly paid CC plan with 1 year commitment in 10 May, 2013. Approaching the end of the one year, I was offered to renew my subscription and the option to prepay the entire year in one payment. I have decided to go with this option, however I regret to see that my new subscription is not added to this previous one, but started today, instead of 10 May. It's only a couple of weeks, but it's not a nice policy I think, especially because the term until 10 May 2014 has been paid and no parties can terminate this contract without penalty.


      May I get back my lost subscription term so that my new prepaid one ends in 10 May 2015 instead of 25 Apr 2015?