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    Question: anchor / inline images with text (*new to forum)


      Hi there. I'm new to the forum. Please bear with me as I'm not sure if I have my questions worded with the right terminology.


      I am learning to create accessible documents for the visually impaired to be used with screen readers. While learning to do this in InDesign CS4, I came across a tip from the Adobe Accessibility instruction manual that said, "to maintain the position of the graphic relative to some text in your document, consider makiing the graphic an inline or anchored object in the text. Otherwise, the image may display out of order, even if you place it in the correct order in the Structure pane."


      I'm not overly familiar with making an image inline or anchored. Does it have to do with pasting an image into a text box where the cursor is placed? I've tried this method but it seems hard to find the exact spot to place the cursor so that the image appears where I'd like it. I have images that are larger than the text boxes and would like them to appear as being a part of text (ie. an article) while overflowing into other sections of the document.


      Additionally, the images I have are irregularly shaped. I'm not sure what the right wording is needed to describe this but it's kind of like a custom crop; such as removing all imagery around a persons face so that only the person's face remains.


      The information I've been finding online seems to only offer help with square, rectangle, triangle, etc type images. With differing shape faces and hair styles, it seems no two face crops are the same. I guess that's why I've labelled them as irregular shapes.


      So with the irregular image, such as a face, I also need to have the image use text wrap. I've used text wrap before with no issues but it seems different when it comes to anchor or inline images.


      For he images I would be using I would like to have the text wrapped around the object shape with the contour option as "detect edges". Again, I've done this before on it's own but I can't seem to combine it with images that need to be anchored or inlined.


      I apologize if any of this is confusing or unclear. I tried to word it as best I could.


      Any information is hugely appreciated!


      Thank you

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          amxyz Employee Moderator

          Hi Steve,


          Can you share a few sample images or the final result so we can get a better sense of the effect you want to achieve? Thanks!



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



            My experience with screen readers is very old, and a lot has changed (for the better), but perhaps this will help you:


            There are three kinds of anchored objects, inline, above line, and custom postioned. Inline objects are waht you get by default when you paste into the text. Text stops at the point where you paste, then picks up again on the other side of the object. Above line objects break the text flow at the end of the line above the one containing the anchor, then put the line that conatins the anchor below the anchored object. Custom Positioned anchored objects can be moved anywhere on the page, and text wrap applied if desired.


            Text wrap on anchored objects works differently from non-anchored. For inline objects, wrap affects text following the anchor point (and will push the image away from text on the line at the anchor point). For above line and custom objects text wrap affects only the text that is in lines following the line containing the anchor, which can cause some odd wraps.