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    White boxes on exported pdfs


      The pdfs I export out of Indesign have fine white boxes around elements that have a drop shadow effect applied to them. These white boxes do not affect the printing, but they confuse my clients (and me). I rarely notice them on pdfs I receive from others. Any one else run into this or have a solution?  I am using CS6 and usually export using the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That’s called stitching and is a result of flattening. It won’t print on a hi res device, but the real question is why you’re doing this.




          X-1a is an ancient standard.

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            KJChap Level 1

            Thank you. I will switch my standard to X-4:2010. Old habits die hard. J

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              flaming1 Level 2

              I'm having a similar problem. Outputting from CS6 as X-4:2010 - but my client gets white stitching lines PRINTING on their colour laser printer/copier.


              The white lines are not visible on the PDF and do not print when I print the PDF to a Xerox colour laser here. They also don't print on a couple of other laser printers that I have tested (HP and Ricoh). I'm wondering whether the client's particular printer model is the issue.


              I have tried every combination possible - from X-1a right up - but still the lines print for my client.


              It's quite difficult for me to test options myself as the issue doesn't happen when I print the PDFs, but the client is starting to get annoyed!


              The file has an image background that has a gradient feather, several small elements with a drop shadow above that, and then text with a drop shadow above that. I have all the text on a separate layer above all the other artwork (not sure if that still makes a difference).


              I have had far more complex files offset printed before with no issues, but the client is trying to save money by printing this out in-house.


              The only option that works is if I flatten all the transparency/images into a Photoshop file, leaving only the non-shadowed text live, but this makes editing a pain.


              Any suggestions?

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Since X-4 is not flattened, there is no possibility that the lines are in the PDF and this is caused either by reprocessing the PDF in some way (are they placing it in another file?) or a printer driver problem.

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                  flaming1 Level 2

                  Thanks Peter. That confirms what I thought.


                  They are printing it from Adobe Reader, so their printer/driver is presumably creating the lines.


                  It seems my only option going forward is to either avoid using transparency at all, or to flatten all transparency into a single photoshop image once the file is approved.