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    InDesign CS6 crashes when PDFing as spreads


      I have an 84-page document filled with imported PDFs of camera-ready ads. When I try to make a PDF of the file, InDesign crashes every time.


      This is what I tried trouble-shooting:

      • Packaged the file in InDesign to make sure there weren't any font issues, etc. All fine, no errors.

      • Tried PDFing the document in chunks to see if I could find a bad ad. When I PDF'd 10 pages at a time, as spreads, I had no problem. But when I try to PDF the entire document, InDesign crashes midway through the PDF.

      • Saved the doc as an IDML. Reopened and tried PDFing. Works fine as single pages, but crashes ID when spreads are checked.


      I haven't even placed the editorial content on the pages yet (text and photos), and am wondering how I'm ever going to be able to make a PDF of spreads. (Client needs to see them as spreads.)