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      Hi, I have BIG problem. My audio was doing fine the other day, but today I opened the project and there is no audio while ram preview or even just in audio preview. I'm sure everything is enabled, and, suprisingly, audio plays when scrubbing. I don't know what to do and I'm really iritated! It's not a drivers problem or file problem because the same file played just great the day before... I tried restarting the project and deleting audio and importing again, nothing works. Can anyone help? I have After Effects CS6 v 11, WIN 7 Proffesional 64-bit.




      Problem was in my headphones. Don't know how - sound played just fine when I was watching YT video, but didn't when I tried to play music files (.wav, .mp3) in media player. It didn't play in Premerie also, but while scrubbing in AE - worked just fine. I'm really desoriented... but pluging in speakers instead of headphones did the trick.