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    Cannot render with GPU


      Hi, i bought my self a new graphics crad. A GTX 690 evga copperhead editon. I have been trying to render out some videos in after effects but it only seems to be using the CPU and not the GPU.


      I've got the lates nvida drivers and the latest CUDA drivers. I have added my card to the raytrace_supported_cards list.

      I have been searching the web like a crasy person to try and figure this out. Most of the people could just add there graphics cards to the raytrace file and it worked. But mine dosen't want to work.

      Anyone got any sugestion what i should do?


      Cuda version 6.0

      Graphics driver 335.23

      Adoe After effects CS6.


      Comp speccs:

      I5 2500k @ 4,5 Ghz

      8GB RAM

      GTX 690