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    Page turn document getting rasterised on output to PDF

    bullet baxter

      I've created a document in InDesign which I want to output as a PDF with  page turn transitions.


      So following the Adobe tutorials etc, I export as a SWF, with Flash Classic Text selected and the Rasterize Pages option unchecked. The resulting SWF file looks pin sharp in Flash player even when you zoom right in, just as vector art should.


      I then place the SWF file into another InDesign document and export as an Interactive PDF. In the resulting PDF all of the vector art, including the text, is rasterised at a low enough resolution that it loses all its sharpness.


      I can't find  any PDF export options that would cause it to rasterise. Can anyone tell me why this happens and/or how to prevent it? I'm using InDesign CC (9.2) and Acrobat Pro XI on Mac OS X 10.8.5.


      Thanks everyone.