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    Premier Pro CC keess crashing on Export




      Have been using PP CC for a while now having migrated from FCP 7 last year. Everything fine and really enjoying the experience.


      Until today that is! When I try to export a sequence from the timeline PP hangs. Not a regular crash with spinning wheel, but no buttons work and all menu functions are greyed out execpt for the Apple menu/Premier Pro from which I can select Hide/Show Premier Pro and Hide/Show Others etc.


      I have looked around the forum and found numerous entries about quitting Cloud, logging out, logging back in, which I have done; I have uninstalled Cloud and reinstalled it and get the same results. I have even opened up another project and tried to export sequence from timeline also with the same results.


      I have checked Preferences and my Cloud account appears in the users. Am totally flumoxed!


      I am on Mac OS 10.8.5 on a 3.4ghz intel Core i7 with 16GB ram. Premier Pro Version is 7.2.2 Creative Cloud is (seems long!) Cloud says all applications are totally up-to-date.


      Any help/suggestions much appreciated thanks.