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    Scrub through a symbol's timeline with an invisible slider

    JRHall Level 1

      Ok, I have trawled through posts and posts on and off the EA forums and nothing I have found actually seems to do what I need.


      What I have is a symbol, ("PAN"), which contains 3 layers animated to create a parralax effect from it's extreme right position at 0ms to it's extreme left postion at 1000ms. I have it set in compositionReady to hold at 500ms (the mid point of the pan). It does not autoplay.


      What I want to do is drag that pan left or right and have the symbol animate in the appropriate direction to show that parralax pan.


      I figure that the best way to do this is to have an invisible, stage sized element that can be dragged left and right -with limits- and which controls the PAN symbol's timeline.


      I know how to make elements daggable, and constrain their movements using JqueryUI. I also know how to call a moving object's position. What I do not know is how to convert that position to a timeline's time. Is there possibly some way to acheive this using the Jquery Slider?


      I hope that makes sense and someone out there can help.