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    PS CC: Contact Sheet without Image Resize?

    decker1222 Level 1

      I have a folder with 100 images, all of them are already 2 x 4 inches. Some are portrait, some are landscape.


      With older versions of PS, I could use the Picture Package plugin to quickly and intelligently arrange these 2x4 pictures into several new documents for printing without wasting paper.


      I can't seem to do that with Photoshop CC. The Contact Page plugin resizes the images before arranging them, because it does it by rows and columns, with no option to preserve the original images sizes. The PDF Presentation automation just makes each picture huge on a single page.


      Basically I'm looking for an automation that says "Photoshop, take this folder of pictures, and don't adjust their sizes, feel free to rotate them, but arrange them as compactly as possible on as few pages as possible." The old Picture Package had Layouts you could adjust to make this possible, but I can't seem to do it with CC.


      Any ideas?