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    PE 12


      I am not trying to start a new thread, i am just unable to reply to ATR who has been very helpful to me. ( I cannot see a 'reply' button, only 'was this helpful' button!


      ATR if you are able to get this message, in answer to what you asked in your reply to me today;


      Yes, I have prepared green screen video ( I was advised to film myself infront of a green background with no shadows if I wanted to replace this with a still image/ backdrop.


      I would very much appreciate your suggestion of a how-to-guide. ( I have used neither PE 10 or 12 before.


      Do you suggest I go with PE12 seeing as it is newer?


      Thankyou once again you have been a great help.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Here is the general (rough) idea for the mechanics of "green screen" in 12.


          Expert workpace


          Start out with your object on green background on Video 2 and background replacement on Video 1 directly below.




          Then, click on fx Effects Tab at bottom of workspace and go to Keying and select Chroma Key.

          Click/drag on the Chroma Key thumbnail and drag it into the file on Video Track 2.




          Then select/highlight the file on Video 2 and click on Applied Effects Tab to the right of the workspace, then Applied Effects Palette, and the Chroma Key panel expanded. There you will use the eyedropper to click on the green on screen. Next move the Sensitivity slider in the Chroma Key panel to the right gradually until the traces of green are gone and your background on Video 1 replaces the green areas in Video 2 content.




          We could get the same results with Premiere Elements 10, but the features would be in a different looking workspace.

          If you want, I can post the same for Premiere Elements 10 work through.


          Lots of variations. The beforehand planning and creating of the image on the green background are very important to success when you finally take your green screen image into Premiere Elements for the background replacement. Lots of online articles on that.


          Please review and consider the above and then let us know what supplemental information or clarification you would want.





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            NWilson Level 1

            That is great, thanks.

            1) I have a specific backdrop to be used so I just drag that into replacement video 1 from my file on my laptop right?

            2)Even though it is a still and not a video does is still go into replacement video 1 section? (sorry, complete novice)

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              In Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace, you would bring in your background (still or video) via Add Media/Files and Folders/ to Project Assets. From Project Assets, you would drag the file from there to its place on Video Track 1.

              Then you would bring in your green screen image via Add Media/Files and Folders/ to Project Assets. From Project Assets, you would drag the file from there to its place on Video Track 2 (directly above the file on Video 1).


              Another consideration is setting up the project settings. Versions 11 and 12, will take over settings project settings based on the first file dragged to the Timeline. It does not always get it right. So, often you have to set the project preset manually. Please see the following.



              What is your intended export of the Timeline?



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                NWilson Level 1

                What do you mean by intended export of the Timeline?

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  After you do your editing in the workspace and you have your background replacement for your green screen image, you will need to export that Timeline content in order to get it out of the program. You can export the Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive or you can burn it to disc (DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, AVCHD on DVD, or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc.)


                  Export area is named Publish+Share and has several categories. For save to file, please look at Publish+Share/Computer and the choices there. For burn to disc, please see Publish+Share/Disc/.


                  Which of these choices did you intend to make so that you can present your work to your viewers?



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                    NWilson Level 1

                    I aim to save to computer, to then send via DropBox to the recipient who will need it sent as an mp4 initially, then converted to wmv to be sent as such, if the video is satisfactory.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Do you know the pixel dimensions of the background and green screen files that you will be importing into Premiere Elements (that is, the width and height in pixel, example 640 x 480, 1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1080 or other)?



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                        NWilson Level 1

                        The background says its dimension is 1920x1024 but the video clips don'tmeee.jpg

                        have dimensions stated, here is a pic of one of the video clips if that helps

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                          NWilson Level 1

                          I need to head out now, I'll look out for a reply tomorrow, I also can't find a link for 30 day trial of PE 12, only Premiere Pro CC is coming up on the adobe website. (Also can't see a link to purchase it either yet on Amazon I can purchase for abour £40.

                          Thanks again.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            The link for the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 12 from Adobe is


                            You do not have to purchase from Adobe if you do not want to. In fact, you can purchase where you want and then insert the purchased serial number in the Adobe download. More on that later if necessary.


                            For starters, let us try the project preset the default settings which, for PAL, are



                            Full HD 1080i25

                            The focus will be on filling the Edit area space (based on that set) will your image (Video 1 and Video 2).

                            The space will be for 1920 x 1080 pixels. There is no 1920 x 1024.

                            We can talk about scaling in the monitor later.


                            More later.