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    Error (bug) collecting projects linked to AAF footage (via CC's integrated Automatic Duck)

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      I think this might be a bug. Every time we try to collect a project that has imported media, ingested from an AAF (with embedded media) via AE CC's integrated Automatic Duck (or what used to be Automatic Duck before Adobe bought it and integrated it into AE natively) script, we get an error such as this:


      Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.50.07 PM.png


      ... and the project won't collect. The errors that pop up are always referring to Quicktimes that are pulled from the AAF via the script. If we manually relink each and every one of these media files, the project collects fine -- but not unless we go that extra step.


      So, everytime we have to collect a project, we have to collect the project as "project only" and then manually hunt down every media file and relink it to the collected project.


      Any one out there experience something similar?


      We are using Mac workstations on OSX 10.9.2 with AE CC Our media is storage on a NAS shared via AFP/SMB. Importing AAF's (with embedded media) into AE is such an a great way for offline Avid workflow, but this little bit of weirdness does put a kink in that awesomeness.