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    Automatically replace missing bold and italic with different font


      One of my most frequently-used paragraph styles uses the font Frutiger. When I import text from a Word document and apply the style, all the Roman text is correctly converted to "Frutiger 55 Roman", but the bolds and italics show up as missing their font. They should be converting to "Fruitiger 65 Bold" and "Frutiger 56 Italic" but instead InDesign tries to use a non-existant "Frutiger Bold" and Frutiger Italic."


      Is there any way I can build a GREP or something else into the paragraph style so that it knows to use "Frutiger 65 Bold" wherever the text is tagged as bold?


      This is NOT a faulty character style sheet. I assume it has to do with how InDesign interprets Word's bold and italic tags.


      I know I can just do a "Find Font" and do it manually, but it would be great get rid of that step.