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    Needs help sorting out a New clients Adobe Acrobat licenses.

    Shutech Level 1

      I have a new client. They have 4 Licenses for Adobe Acrobat.


      2 for Acrobate 8 Pro

      1 for Acrobat 8 standard.

      1 for Acrobat 9 Pro.


      I replaced the machine that had Acrobat 9 Pro on it.


      The old machine would not let me deactivate the license and the new machine accepted the license but would not activate it.


      The company never documented their licenses. They think that at least the Acrobat 9 Pro was a downloaded license.


      Talked to Support and they were no help. I needed to verify the email address that it was registered under. They told me it was a hotmail address which would of been right but since then they got their own Domain and Email and don't use HotMail any more so I can not get what they used for Hotmail and who's account it was registeed with.


      All I want is to figure out the licenses that that this company bought and is entitled too under what terms and find out if they can be upgraded to Acrobat 11, but I don't know where to start with Adobe on this or if they will be cooperative. They have not been so far.


      Any thouights or tips on where to start.


      All I have is the srial number and Version for 4 installs of Acrobat. Can I work with that or is the company out of luck and have to buy all over again. If I do have top start over I will say that I will not be buying Acrobat from adobe but I will go to another PDF program. So Adobe can be cooprative and work with me and get me to pay and upgrade tthe license they have or I go somewhere else. I hope Adobe wants the money.


      Any thoughts?