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    Sporadic Smart Object Failures

    DanCarr Level 1

      This used to work fine but since the last Camera Raw update I've had issues.  I'm now running 8.4.1.


      When RAW photos are used as smart objects, sometime (most times), double clicking the layer in the layer pallette is not opening Camera Raw as it should do.  It does nothing, except in the history pallete it ads "Edit Contents"  as if you had actually edited the smart object even though there was no way to do so.


      If I close everything down  and start from scratch, it seems to work the first time.  But if you then duplicate that smart object to another document it almost always doesn't open once it's in the next document.  Like I said, it's sporadic though, and I can't seem to nail down a specific pattern or cause.  Infuriating though!


      Anyone else enountered this?


      I also notice that when it fails to open the Camera Raw module, it appends a digit to the end of the file name in the layer palette.  So Image.jpg would become image1.jpg and then if you try a second time it goes to image12.jpg