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    Why do I receive answers from the previous version of my form ?


      Hi, I don't understand, I changed my form, the people I sended to see the right version, but when I receive e-mails with the answers, I receive the previous version of the form, as if I haven't made any modification, what am I doing wrong ? (I have a premium account : lenk.restaurant@gmail.com) Could you please help me


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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


            Let's test your form first:

          Open the form, select Test Tab, select 'Test Web Form' button and fill out the form and submit. Check your responses and also your notifications emails with the answers. Are you seeing what you are expecting?


          If you have imported and distributed a FormsCentral PDF form, and say you modified your PDF form (via Acrobat) later after you imported it, you will need to re-import the PDF Form to FormsCentral and then re-distribute this newly imported PDF form again.

          Or if you generated a PDF form via FormsCentral, and then modified the form in FormsCentral, you would also need to re-generate the PDF form and re-distribute it again.


          Please write back if you have further question/issues