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    Query: Windows Registry setting to preventing installation of sponsored product apps (McAfee, etc.)


      To Adobe Support and Others who might know this answer.


      What is the Windows Registry Setting a admin could set on a system in order to prevent Adobe products such as Flash, from installing sponsored product applications from installing?


      In this case it is  McAfee Security Scan Plus.  However, I also desire to prevent other sponsored apps in the future from being installed during an Adobe product update.  This is a PIA for an admin to follow up on removing an an application from  field systems after was was intended to be an Adobe spcifc product update.


      Oracle's JAVA already have a method to disable spnsored installs.  I would like to see the same from Adobe,



      Yes I already know to tell people to disable checkboxes for addtional products.

      Yes I already know about the direct product dowload links for Flash, etc.