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    Need Help With Variable Field Calculation


      I am putting together a form and would like to have the calculations worked out for the people using the form to minimize errors. The premise of the equation is ...


      If suction pressure reads in PSIG, subtract from discharge to get total feet.

      If suction pressure reads in Vacuum, add to the discharge pressure to get total feet.


      My fields are set up as...


      Discharge Pressure PSIG

      Fixed           // fixed value of 2.31

      Discharge Calc


      Suction Pressure PSIG

      Fixed 1        // fixed value of 2.31

      V Suction Calc


      Suction Vacuum

      Fixed 2          // fixed value of 1.13

      S Suction Calc


      Total Feet


      In the form, I have the following field equations set up:


      Discharge Pressure PSIG x Fixed = Discharge Calc

      Suction Pressure PSIG x Fixed 1 = V Suction Calc

      Suction Vacuum x Fixed 2 = S Suction Calc


      So, I have assigned each of the fields I need to work with a variable name


      var v1 = Discharge Calc

      var v2 = V Suction Calc

      var v3 = S Suction Calc

      var v4 = Suction PSIG

      var v5 = Suction Vacuum


      What I think should work logically would be the follow:


      If v4 = 0, then v1+v3

      if v5 = 0, then v1-v2


      So, can you help me fix my script for the Total Feet field, please? I have no idea what I'm doing! This is what I have so far:


      var v1 = getField("Discharge Calc").value;

      var v2 = getField("V Suction Calc").value;

      var v3 = getField("Suction Calc").value;

      var v4 = getField("Suction PSIG").value;

      var v5 = getField("Suction Vacuum").value;


      if (v4=0)

           event.value = (v1+v3);

      if (v=5)

           event.value = (v1-v2);




      Many thanks for your help and have a nice day.