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    "See Also" Popup Menu - Change Background Color in WebHelp?

    Freespirit-ST Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 10 for a WebHelp output.  I have read several threads about "See Also" control and "Related Topics" - to try to find my answer. But I still need answers.  (By the way, I've been using RoboHelp in all its glorious versions for many years now.)


      I have my See Also control set up with the keywords and button on appropriate pages.  The button is using a BMP of the text "See Also", so an image file for the button.  And all links in the popup menu are working just fine!


      Here's my question - since my image file button has a white background (not the default gray background), I would like the See Also popup menu to also have a framed white background, not gray.  The HTML Help (CHM) generated with these See Also controls IS showing with framed white background for list - BUT the WebHelp is NOT showing it.


      Is there any change I can make to the object code of the See Also control that will force the popup menu list background to be white, or even a very light blue??


      I see a BackColor parameter name, but I'm not sure whether that applies to the button itself or the popup menu.  I'm guess it's for the button.


      Any ideas?  (Looks so beautiful in my CHM.)


      Thanks so much!