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    strange happenings

      I seem to have lost control of sprite 11.

      I have single frame screens set up in multiple frames. The user can navigate from frame to frame using buttons. For some reason the image in sprite channel 11 persists from frame to frame. When i switch frames the image in sprite 11 will overwrite the new sprite 11 image. The sprite channel is not puppeted.

      This is beginning to look like a bug in director. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          I recently witnessed something similar. In frame X, I had a shockwave3D sprite, reduced to 1 x 1 pixel. In frame Y, I had the same shockwave3D member, but the sprite was at its normal size. When jumping from frame X to frame Y, buttons which were not present in frame Y did not appear. The shockwave3D sprites did not overlap the area of the missing buttons anywhere. Director apparently did not realize that the area of the buttons had changed, so it did not bother to refresh that part of the screen. The buttons still functioned.

          Try setting the visible of each of the other sprites in turn to FALSE (using the buttons at the left end of the score window), and see if the problem persists. Then try turning the sprites' back to visible, one by one. Does the problem return? If so, which other sprite is causing the problem?