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    Zoom Q2HD not recognized as A/V source


      My Zoom Q2HD is not recognized as an AV ("webcam") source in Premiere Elements;  It is installed and

      Neither Adobe Premiere Elements or Pinnacle Systems recognizes either zoom product as an A/V source, so cannot capture to drive.  Right now I have the Q2HD, and it is installed correctly and working properly in Device Manager.  (Studio 12 "sees" it, but will not pass either audio or video, Studio 17 doesn't even see it.)


      NCH Software does recognize the camcorder/webcam/whatever, and I am able to stream video to disk using its capture window, so that is a fallback position, but I would like to use Elements or Studio 17, since I am much more familiar with them.


      (the Zoom products seem to treat "streaming" as to a Web Publishing (e.g. UStream) or iPad service, and it was questionable that they would work at all (UStream won't even initialize).  The codec for the Q2 is .h264, while that for the Q4 is .h265 (I think) - not sure that makes a difference.  They do seem to capture in .mpg format....)


      Has anyone had any experience with source->disk streaming with either of these units?