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    Upon adding narration, video clips lost audio



      Working with Premiere Elements 12.  Asus Windows 7.  Things were going fine with my project until I added narration using a USB microphone.  Then video clips lost their audio and background music won't play.  I tried adjusting audio devices through Control Panel - but there's no problem hearing narration or other programs.  Just within PE12.  Clips have audio enabled.  I've checked forums including http://forums.adobe.com/message/6086693.  Restarting the computer didn't work.  I started a new project.  Same thing happened.

      Now what?

      Thank for any suggestions!


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Did you try this only fix of have come across so far for this nuisance narration audio loss syndrome. It was reported by Llamadude99 here. In post 18 of the thread that you cited, I wrote


          2. Then try a fix that worked for Llamadude99 and that she reported here on March 2, 2014. She wrote

          "I was trying different things and I went to tools to narration. I removed the mute audio before recording, then deleted the narration I previously did and then pressed undo, to bring it back and my audio returned on my video. Very strange but it worked..."

          Any chance you could post a screenshot of the Timeline detail when this issue exists?


          USB microphone typically does not work with Premiere Elements. You might want to use a microphone with a computer jack connection or create your narration in a free audio editor such as Audacity and then import the narration into Premiere Elements with its Add Media/Files and Folders/


          Please let us know how you did with Llamadude99's suggestion.





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            Beth_Entrepreneurial_Lead Level 1

            Yes I followed  Llamadude99's suggestion.  I removed the mute-audio button, deleted the narration, pressed undo and played.  No sound in first video clip.

            I didn't know I couldn't use a USB microphone.  How was I supposed to know that? 

            I'll try Audacity.  Fingers crossed!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Adobe usually bundles that type of information (USB microphones) in its ReadMe. In spite of Adobe's USB microphone does not work mention, some users have identified USB microphones that have worked for them when Premiere Elements narration was created with its Narration Tool.


              But, this problem of narration knocking out other audio in the project seems to be independant of the microphone issue and has been popping up from Premiere Elements 12 users in a scattered fashion. I have tried to reproduce the problem but cannot force it to occur so that I could get a chance to try to figure out what is causing the problem.


              But I am concerned when you wrote that a new project did not correct the situation.


              Looking forward to your results with Audacity to create the narrations for import into Premiere Elements. But I am eager to get at the cause of this Premiere Elements narration from its Narration Tool knocking out other audio in the project. If you get a chance, when the problem exists in the Expert workspace, switch to the Quick to determine if you can work out the problem there and then return to the Expert workspace. All that assumes that you have been working in the Expert workspace in the first place.





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                Beth_Entrepreneurial_Lead Level 1


                Writing back to thank you for all the advice.  Audacity worked and the narration was the simplest part of the video.  I managed to get it done by the deadline.  I never did figure out how to properly convert video from the lab's camera - sometimes their was shakiness in the bottom half of the frame, sometimes not.  Next we'll have to either hire someone with better equipment or buy a camera with output compatible to Premiere Elements.

                The video is here:


                Thanks again,


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank for the follow up and look at the video produced. Good job.


                  I thought that the video and audio quality and special effects were good.

                  It was well organized and got the message across in a professional manner.


                  Next time around, we could explore any shakiness in the bottom half of the frame by looking at the Timeline content structure (transition placements, effects, etc).


                  Glad for the opportunity to be of assistance.


                  Best wishes