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    Deployment Question

      I have been caught in very little but frustating trouble. When my application is ready to deply, I copy the main SWF file, wrapper and all other required files and folder to my Apache web server running locally.
      Suppose my main or default application file is "index.html". Now when I double click this file, it works just fine. But when I try to browse using localhost like http://localhost/myapplication/index.html, although it runs but those images that should be retrieved from a remote source, are not displayed.

      It is important to mention here that my application just read XML data from http://www.oswd.org/rss/index.php and display thumbnails using HorizontalList box.

      Can you please assist me in this problem. Is there anything that went wrong....please help me.

      I shall be very thankful to you.

      Best regrads