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    AE CC UI lag / slowness / hanging, seems to be due to card wipe


      EDIT - THIS SEEMS TO BE RELATED TO CARD WIPE?  I am using it heavily, and when I turn it off, the behavior below seems to subside. However, this was all working fine earlier today. Any insights as to why this would happen all of a sudden would be great!


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------


      Just this afternoon I started experiencing major lag in my top-level composition.


      I've seen other threads similar, but this seems weird in that in nested comps or new projects I'm not seeing the same lag.




      QAll of the following produce a 1-2 second lag


      clicking on or off visibility/audio

      copying, pasting, undoing, redoing via keyboard shortcut (seems as if single key shortcuts are OK? ie [, ], home, b, n, pgup, pgdn <edit - i just used j successfully and got lag on [, so I'm boggled>)

      twirling down project panel folders

      drag-scrolling in project panel


      It is very odd in that the lag is predominant, but not 100% consistent.



      Windows 7

      corei7 3.5


      120GB ssd

      nVidia GeForce 220

      AECC 12.2


      rebuilt prefs,

      emptied caches,

      reduced project,

      rendered large video files to be smaller

      turned off all antivirus/persistent bg apps


      Any insight would be extremely appreciated, this just sort of cropped up this afternoon.


      edit: oldest autosave version also exhibits this behavior. talk about an elusive issue.