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    Help with creating Zombie eyes effect (Mainly Help with tracking)

    Irishoffspring Level 1

      Hey everyone, I create Lego videos for my youtube channel, I need a really good effect for my zombie eyes. basically a simple glowing eye. Now i need help, if someone could point out a youtube tutorial or tell me how themselves that would be great, anyways i want to be able to track my zombie glowing eyes onto the lego face. thats not really a big deal. But the thing is, I need glowing eyes that will stay to the correct size, so if the Lego figure comes closer to the camera, the eyes need to ajust so still fit the face. Not only this but if the Lego minifig face turns to the side and only half of the face is showing i need the eyes to stick to the figs face correctly,  you get what I'm saying?


      I'm still pretty new to after effects, So bear with me. If you guys can give me any helpful tips. or youtube tutorials or any tutorial on here (adobe.com) let me know.

      If you need me to clarify anything or any detail and such please ask