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    Macromedia Studio 8




      I bought Macromedia Studio 8 a few years back and have been very satisfied. I recently updated the OS on my Mac and now I am unable to install Studio 8 to my machine. What can I do?


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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          As far as I recall Studio 8 was Mac ppc only, and required Rosetta to run on newer Intel based Macs. The newest two versions of MacOsX, including Mavericks, do not support Rosetta any longer, so your software will not run.


          Alternative option:

          open up a partition or buy a terabyte hard disk external and install a system from your original System Install Disks .  Then get your old Macromedia stuff and whatever emergency solutions you need up and running on that.



          Or you can try these steps, but they will not help you if Studio 8 is PPC only.


          And, of course, you can purchase the newest versions which will work.