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    Payment Authorization Failed




      I am a CC Pro subscriber since 10 months ago and last month Adobe failed to charge my credit card due to over limit and my subscription was canceled before I can resolve the issue.


      Now that my credit card issue has resolved I tried to start a new plan but my payment always failed with message: "Payment Authorization Failed". Tried another credit card the same message occured. Try different browsers (and even computers) also didn't help. Last thing I tried was creating another Adobe ID but still not helped.


      I chat with a customer service and he refers me to resellers in my country (which is Malaysia if it helps) so I called them and again a dead end as they said that they only can help to purchase Creative Cloud for Team not Individual.


      It's almost a month now and I still not able to resolve the issue.


      Can someone help me here as I really need to get my creative cloud working again.