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    new to fireworks, please help, slicing?

      I'm new to fireworks, use dreamweaver quite allot and photoshop, but my problem is with slicing.

      All I want to do, is open a graphic I've created and make clickable links within that graphic, copy the html and paste into dreamweaver. I'm not sure if I should be using the slice tool or the hotspot slice tool. Can someone please help as when I've tried to export or view in my browser, it keeps saying "file could not be found" I'm not sure which file it's looking for, I need a bit of a step by step if pos.

        • 1. new to fireworks, please help, slicing?
          GrnSpdr Level 1
          When you slice in FW you are breaking an image into multiple images. - FW will export HTML & links to the multiple images in a table.

          In Dreamweaver you import the FW HTML which will pull in just the table & image links.

          - Hot spots is an image map on one graphic. (You can do this in DW.)

          I hope this helps.