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    Batch Save and Scanning question

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      In Photoshop CS5 I used to be able to use Batch Save to save the photos I had as Tiff files. In Photoshop CC the Batch Save mode saves the pictures with random numbers at the end of them and will add an extra tiff at the end. For example if I choose to save 4 photos using Batch mode and I tell it to save the first file as pic 1 It will save all the photos but after saving and closing the pictures it will show that they are photos 7 10 29 and 1 which is really strange.



      Now onto my scanning issue. When I open up the scanner in Photoshop CC I don't have a scan button only preview and cancel. When I press cancel is scans. Why would pressing cancel scan the photos? It also refuses to scan all the photos it selected.


      Hope someone can help me out with this because both these issues are driving me crazy.

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          sounds like you need to update the scanner driver.



          I don't really like the batch command as it is a requirement to select an action. If you need an action it is fine but...


          What you can do though is put all the images into a single file (each image on its own layer)

          Then File>Scripts>Export Layers to Files

          It will let you choose the file format, the location, and a name prefix. It will add The layer name after the prefix.


          Now if you choose to you can use bridge or lightroom to rename all the files in that folder. (optional)

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Ok a work around for the actions.

            Create an action group

            create an action

            start recording

            ctrl-a(windows) cmd-a(mac)

            ctrl-d(windows) cmd-d(mac)

            stop recording


            Its basically a do nothing action. It selects all then deselects.


            Then in batch choose that group then the action if it is not already.

            Uncheck override action save as commands



            type in a file name + 2 digit Serial Number + extension