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    What's a 'Show Button"

      I've noticed in some help systems (Robphelp's?) a link labeled 'Show' at the top of a page - which seems to take you back to the outline when you are at a seemingly randomly-arrived-at topic. Plus I've also seen someone ask a question here about renaimg the 'Show button', but I don't see how to make one.

      This seems like it would be very handy - I'm using WebHelp and RoboHelp HTML. Is this a feature available to me?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Go to your webhelp output in windows explorer and double click any topic except the start page. It will display the topic with that Show link. It is what happens when the developer calls a topic using a normal URL. They will do that to provide context sensitive help.

          Another way of calling context sensitive help is to use a URL in the format startpage.htm#path/targettopic.htm. That brings up the topic with the navigation as well. Many people prefer to do that. The method is described on my site under Calling WebHelp.

          The word Show can be changed to whatever you want in Project Settings. Click the Advanced button and look down the LNG tab.

          If you don't see Show when you double click a topic, check the second page of the generation Wizard. Make sure Show Navigation Link is ticked.

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            GailK1226 Level 1
            OK - just getting back to this after a long time (as I was resolving another issue).
            Am I correct then, that I won't see any Show buttons until I integrate my help system with the application (make some context sensitive help)?

            But then they will turn up somewhat automatically?

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              No that is not what I said. You should see the Show link if you open the webhelp topic via Windows Explorer.

              From your application you can open the topic either way. Just the topic when you will see the link or using the startpage.htm#path/targettopic.htm method when the required topic will open in the tripane window so that you do not need the Show link.