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      Why does Flash Plugin repeatedly show as not responding?!?!

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          Mike M Level 6

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            mr.gumby Level 1

            Your answer asked me what o.s. I have..........well I run a Dell

            Inspiron i5 Win7 Ultimate & use Chrome & Torch browsers, I also have IE

            but don't use much(not like). I often get the message Flash Plugin 'not

            responding' & many other programs come up with the message 'not

            responding', sometimes accompanied with a 'white screen'. I have

            re-programed my com. which got rid of a lot of rubbish but still the

            same...........I'm sitting here pulling my hair out & at 68 there's not

            much to pull, please help me before I go bald!!!!!!!!!

                                              Cheers Mate.....................

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              Mike M Level 6

              Chrome has its own proprietary plug-in, called "PepperFlash", which is modifed and embedded by Google. Odds are there's a conflicting add-on causing it to stop responding. Regardless of the cause, the Flash Player cor Chrome CANNOT be repaired from here. The only way to do it, is to reinstall Chrome.

              The alternative is to download the Flash Player Plug-in (for all other browsers)

              Install it.

              Open Chrome and type "chrome://plugins" in the address bar.

              Click "Details" at the top right.

              Scroll to Adobe Flash Player in the list.

              Disable the PepperFlash plug-in.

              Relaunch Chrome.

              This will force it to fall back on the standard plug-in.


              I won't even get into Torch. I installed that C R A P on a Win 7 machine two years ago, and it mandated a reformat and reinstall, because of the rootkits that came with the download. EVERYTHING on the entire system opened (or tried to) in Torch, and EVERY URL redirected to "Fix your PC now" page with the Torch icon in the header, so it came from the same developer. Uninstalling it, and rebooting only allowed it to reinstall itself. Eventually I had no choice but to scrub the whole HD.


              You may have hundreds or thousands of problems on your PC because of that software, or more appropriately, malware.