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    Not remembering 9-slice guide placement for rich symbols


      I'm learning to create rich symbols in the new FW CS3, and I'm having some difficulty with the 9-slice guides. I create the rich symbols, enable 9-slice scaling, save them to the common library, and generate the accompanying JSF file. Then I drag the new symbol onto the canvas, double-click to edit it, position the 9-slice scaling guides, and click DONE. The rich symbol now behaves properly for all instances in the current document.

      However, when I open a new document and drag the rich symbol onto the canvas, the position of the 9-slice guides has reverted to the default placement. The positions that I defined for the guides in the previous document do not seem to be saved with the master rich symbol.

      I've looked at other rich symbols (that come with FW CS3) and see that the scaling guides are clearly positioned and that those positions are remembered and stored with the master symbol.

      How do I get FW CS3 to remember the placement of the 9-slice scaling guides for my custom rich symbols so that I do not need to edit and place the guides EVERY time I open a new document? I've tried to look through the help documentation, and I've searched online and the forums here, but I haven't found any instructions for creating rich symbols that remember the 9-slice scaling guide placement.

      Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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          dhogue94 Level 1
          OK, I figured it out over the weekend:

          When you define the 9-slice guides for the rich symbol, they are only applied to the symbol instance(s) in the current document, so you need to go to the Assets > Library panel, select the rich symbol, then go to the options menu and choose "Save to Common Library", then browse to the rich symbol filename. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing symbol file, and yes, you should. The placement of the 9-slice guides defined as defined in the current document will now be saved to the rich symbol master file, and the placement of the guides will be preserved and used for future instances of that rich symbol in new documents.

          Seems kind of odd that there are multiple disjointed steps to create a rich symbol: draw it, save it, define the JSF script, save it, define 9-slice guide placement, save it. If I check "Enable 9-slice guides" when I save it initially, shouldn't FW CS3 insert a step asking me to define their placement before I save the rich symbol to the common library?

          Just a thought.