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    PE 12

    NWilson Level 1

      FAO ATR,

      once again, i found no 'reply' button for me to reply  in the other thread.

      Thankyou for the 30 day trial link. I will download and have a play about with it and get back to you soon.

      Once again your time and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Glad to learn of your progress. Thanks for the follow ups.


          With regard to that Reply button in the threads....please check out the following when you get a chance.


          When you post your thread, your initial post question will show a Reply Button and Translate Button at the bottom left of the block with your thread post.


          Afterward, the posts in that thread will show the Reply Button and Translate Button at the bottom right of the block with a thread post that has been added to the thread.


          We will be watching for further developments.