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    What are the hardware requirements to run Premiere Pro CS 5.5 suite?

    Jim Messenger

      A couple of years ago, I purchased a high-end HP desktop specifically for working with Premiere Pro CS 5.5.  My local computer store who has helped me with my computer is in awe of my machine -- powerful processors, massive storage, etc.  Yet, there is very little I can do with Premiere Pro on my machine.  Encore simply locks up my machine and forces a restart with no resolution hints available so I can't do much in the way of output, etc.  I get a lot of messages that Premiere "can't do this and can't do that". 


      What I'd like to know is EXACTLY what Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 needs in the way of a hardware configuration, so I can get my desktop corrected so I can do professional video work?  If I can't do anything with my system, there doesn't seem much value in upgrading to the online version.  Thanks.