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    Audio Sprites

    proberts Level 2

      Has anybody had success setting up audio sprites?  I've set up an audio file as a symbol, and added numerous labels to its timeline.  I can pass a variable to a function that gets the label position so I can start playing it by setting the .currentTime.  The issue arrives with stopping the audio; should I use a setTimeout function to delay a .pause action?  I suppose I could put stop triggers in the symbol, but I was looking to set up the playing/pausing based on labels only (since the audio file will need to be reconfigured periodically, and I only want to reset the label positions).

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          It's not possible to pause audio playback at a timeline label.


          But either approach you mentioned (pause triggers on the timeline or using setTimeout after a play command) would work, so it's really up to you - which approach would you consider more suitable to your style?

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